Step 1   Submit your online warranty claim form.

----Click the ‘new support ticket’ button at the top right corner of the homepage, or click

----Fill in the ‘subject’ with ‘faulty inverter’, ‘inverter pick up’, etc.

----Fill in the ‘requester’ with your email address.

----Click the ‘subject type’ list on the right, and select ‘warranty claim’, then fill in required information, and click ‘submit’ to finish.

Once your request ticket has been submitted successfully, an email will be sent to you automatically notifying that your warranty claim has been generated successfully and advising you the ticket number.   


Step 2   Once your warranty claim is proven to be eligible, a notification email including CASE ID and other information will be sent to you . If the data or information you provided is incorrect or insufficient, you will be advised by our customer representative by phone or email.


Step 3  A replacement inverter will be sent to you or your installor as soon as possible. 

Step 4   Once the faulty inverter has been replaced, please notify us to pick it up at your earliest convenience. Please refer to ‘How to arrange a pick up?’ for more information.