Once your warranty claim is confirmed, we will arrange dispatching the replacement to you. The time frame of shipping replacement varies according to inverter models and seasons.

Here is the current approximate time frame ( We're trying to shorten the waiting time and keep this frame updated.)


 For SR1500TL / SR1600TL / SR2300TL , replacement will be shipped out normally in 2 weeks after claim being confirmed.

For SR3000TL /SR3300TL, replacement will be shipped out in 4 weeks after claim being confirmed.


For SR4400TL / SR5200TL/ SR3400TL-D / SR3400TL-W / SR4500TL-D / SR4500TL-W / SR5200TL-D / SR5200TL-W and SOLAR LAKE INVERTERS, due to stock shortage, it usually takes at least 6 weeks. We apologize for the delay. If the faulty inverter can be collected prior to being replaced, we can arrange the pickup and repair it in our Sydney Repair Centre and then send back to you in 2-3 weeks.