Step 1: Look up the out of warranty service rate.

We offer an out of warranty service for certain models. We might be able to fix or replace your product for a paid warranty service fee. Your replacement inverter will be equivalent to new in both performance and reliability. Please check the available models and service rates as below,


Models and Rates

SOLAR RIVER 1500TL--$220(in.GST)

SOLAR RIVER 1600TL--$220(in.GST)

SOLAR RIVER 2200TL/2300TL--$275(in.GST)

SOLAR RIVER 2800TL/3000TL--$295(in.GST)

SOLAR RIVER 3300TL--$295(in.GST)



· Replacement inverter has a 12 months warranty.

· Faulty inverter is required to be shipped back after it is replaced.

· Price includes domestic ground shipment for both delivery and pick up (faulty inverter).

· Service policy and flat paid warranty service rates are subject to change without notice.

· Rates are shown in AU dollars and apply to service in Australia only.

· For models not in the list above, call our service hotline 1300134793 for service availability.

· We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in our products from time to time without incurring the obligation to install such improvements or changes on equipment or items previously manufactured.


Step 2: Call our service hotline 1300 134 793 or have an online chat with our customer representative or email to to book an out of warranty service or request further assistance.